Our Services

Social Media Management

Through strategic planning, powerful and engaging content, and data-driven insights, we will completely transform your social media presence and help you stand out online. We focus on authentic and sustainable growth,while building connections and driving results.  We understand that social media is ever-changing, and we are constantly staying ahead of the curve with ongoing research and education, so that you don’t have to.

Giving up control of your social media channels can be a scary thought, but for many business owners, it becomes essential. You do have the option to have us involved in whatever capacity you are most comfortable with (i.e. we create your content calendar, and you do everything else; we do some posting, and you do some; or we take full control). It’s up to you! And take comfort in knowing that every piece of content that we create for your brand will be created with your brand’s mission, vision, and voice right at its core.  All of our social media management tasks are managed directly by our team (no third-party outsourcing here).

Add us to your team so that you can ensure that other areas of your business keep thriving!


UGC (User Generated Content)

User Generated Content is any content (text, videos, images, reviews, etc.) created by users of your products or services (which in this case would be our team), for use on your profile. We capture and edit your desired content types to the point of being completely ready ro post, and then we send it over to you.  You will now own this content to use freely on your socials, for ads, or in whichever capacity you choose.

Choosing this service allows you to maintain control of your social media accounts, while having high-quality content created for you. UGC has been gaining popularity, as brands are recognizing the importance of showcasing their products and services in the hands of users, rather than always the brand self-promoting.



We love to flush out a beautiful concept, from the visual components of your brand (graphics, logos, typography, colour palette), to defining your brand’s voice and positioning. Your brand’s aesthetic should trickle into every detail, creating a strong and recognizable presence, and your brand’s voice should be consistent and aligned with your core values. In our branding package, we meet you where you are – if you already have a brand, we do a deep audit and ensure that it is optimized, and if you are just starting out, we help you build your brand from the ground up. We cover aesthetics, messaging, pillars, and strategy. Whether you are building a business or a personal brand, we are ready to guide you through.



Whether or not you have a team, running your own business can be a lonely and challenging experience. Being able to connect with an expert one-on-one to ask questions, troubleshoot roadblocks, and be supported in whatever capacity needed, can be the boost you need to get to the next level.

Our team of experts offers both business coaching and social media coaching, which can be booked on a session by session basis (no package required). Meet one on one with us virtually (from anywhere!), and let’s work through those challenges together.

Digital Product Development

We are all about brainstorming multiple revenue streams for our clients and figuring out how you can make money while you sleep. Digital products (ebooks, courses, guides, etc…) are a great way to bottle your expertise and turn it into an ongoing stream of passive income. Have an idea of a digital product that you would like to sell, but don’t know where to start, how to create it, or how to sell it? Our team will help you develop the framework, build out your ideas, and work with you to develop a complete and sellable digital product.



Our team has extensive experience in building profitable YouTube channels and we really love this storytelling platform. We can help you develop your brand’s YouTube channel through filming, coaching, editing, direction, and channel management.


Web Design

We take a lot of pride in designing custom WordPress websites from scratch that are professional,  function well, are SEO friendly, and of course, LOOK GOOD.. Our website partners offer monthly maintenance and hosting beyond the initial design so that you don’t have to worry about any of that. 

*Unfortunately we do not work with already existing websites at this time.


Small Business Development

Helping small businesses unveil their brand identity, strategy, logistics and processes is our passion. As multi-entrepreneurs ourselves, we know and understand the time and dedication that goes into starting and running a small business, and we are aware of the challenges that can (and somehow always do) arise. We offer budget friendly options to help you either, develop the idea you have been thinking about for a while, or get unstuck with your existing small business.


Creative Content Shoots

Often, incorporating a professional photoshoot is a large piece of building your brand. Our team can provide art direction, while matching you with the perfect photographer to fit your brand style.


Do you need specific support for your business and you don’t see that service listed here? Or not quite ready to set up a meeting just yet? A member of our team is always available to answer any questions you may have.