Our Services


Coaching sessions can either be one-on-one, or with us and your team. It can cover a broad range of topics or zero in on one, like how to build Instastories into your day without it becoming your whole day. Together we will figure out how many coaching sessions it will take to have you hitting your goals.


We love to flush out a beautiful concept, with everything from the graphics, logo, fonts and colour schemes, to defining your brand’s voice so that it can stand out from the noise. A brand’s aesthetic should trickle into every facet, from marketing to online storytelling and every piece of content it produces. Your customer should be able to recognize your social media content and marketing material immediately as your brand’s identity.

Video Editing & YouTube Management

Our team loves YouTube and storytelling through video. We have a team of very talented video editors as well as a YouTube specialist to take your idea from conception, through story-boarding, editing and managing your YouTube channel. We can also come to you and shoot and produce your content if that is something you want us to execute.

Social Media Management

You are what makes your brand stand out and social media is where your brand’s personality gets to shine. It is important for our team to work with you to make sure that you are focusing on the right platforms, communicating in a way that’s authentic, and creating dynamic content that will make your brand’s message travel and build your community. We pour our heart and soul into every piece of content we produce. Our team has the inside track on what is trending and tips and tricks on how to grow organically.

Content Calendar

Our goal is to always to meet you where you are and often that means helping your team create and organize your brand’s content. Our monthly Content Calendar service outlines what to post, when and on what platforms, who is posting what and then feeding your team ideas. This also includes up to 60 minutes of coaching and consulting with our team to be brought up to date with what is happening with your brand and new trends that we are seeing emerge.

Digital Strategy

We really get how each social media platform can grow your business and we take a unique approach to creating a digital strategy. By starting at the end and working backwards, we focus on end goals to develop powerful content plans while making sure that every aspect of your online content is strategic… from the hashtags and geotags to the titles and captions. Creating a digital strategy formula that is tailored to your brand will make every piece of content that is published travel and grow your community.


Storytelling is extremely important when it comes to building a brand and a community. Our team is has achieved viral results many times over with our storytelling and writing skills. Whether you need copy written for your branding and your website, or on a consistent basis for your blog or social media, we are ready to beautifully convey your brand’s values and message to the world.