About Us

The Water Cooler is a group of creative and driven brand builders providing effective strategy, community, tools and support to take your business to the next level.

Hi, I’m Joanna, one of the Co-Founders of The Water Cooler Inc. I thought, well, instead of writing a boring and generic “about us” I would instead talk directly to you. Because here’s the thing, building a relationship with you and supporting you personally is really big for us. We are invested in you, and want to see you succeed, whether it’s to launch your business, support your career or to be connected to a community, we want to see you thrive.

The idea for the Water Cooler was born way back in 2015. I was working away as a content creator, finding a lot of success with my blog and building my YouTube channel Nesting Story. I was really excited about cracking the code… whether it was how to gain views or subscribers, or to write a post that could really travel and engage with my community. 

I was onto something. I started to think, wow, I wish I could share these tips and tricks and help build the confidence of business owners or budding content creators and give them the tools they need to amplify their business. I began to speak at conferences, and give lots of advice to other content creators, brands and business owners, on everything from online storytelling, to what demographic and market they should tap into and branding and different ways to monetize. 

Over the years I coached everyone from content creators to large corporate teams on everything from creating a formula for daily Instastories to rebranding and how to repurpose content for the specific platforms that make sense for that brand. I have hosted events and workshops and loved every minute of bringing communities together and connecting people. 

I decided to share all of these ideas with Ben, our other Co-Founder, the idea became clear and The Water Cooler was born. So, what is The Water Cooler? Located in gorgeous Burlington, Ontario, we are a team of talented and experienced brand builders and digital storytellers who are ready to partner with you to take your business to the next level.

Myself along with our “dream team” will dive deep into your brand and really get to know you and what your message is. We wanted to break the mould of the scary unknowns and simplify and soften the branding process working hand-in-hand with you along the way. We can make your dream a reality and help your business survive and thrive in this unpredictable world we are living in.

Welcome to The Water Cooler.