Running your own business can be a lonely experience and being able to connect with an expert one-on-one to ask questions, troubleshoot roadblocks and be supported can be the boost you need to get to the next level. 

Build Your Business With Joanna Fowler

Helping build brands and businesses is my passion. I have gained global media attention and built multiple successful online brands from the ground up, and cannot wait to work with you to develop your ideas.

I have an impeccable eye for identifying new revenue streams and untapped markets for businesses, as well as helping curate the perfect brand aesthetic and story.

I like to cut through the noise and create actionable steps to help turn your dream into a tangible (and profitable) business or help you get un-stuck with your current business.

I ensure that every client leaves with loads of takeaways, feeling like a huge weight has been lifted off of their shoulders. I make sure you feel heard, understood and inspired, ready to conquer what’s next! 

Master Your Social Media with Jessica Rickus

As a Social Media Manager myself, as well as a multi-entrepreneur woman, I get it. I get that social media alone, is a full time job, never mind everything else that comes along with being self-employed. I know you know that feeling, or else you would not have landed here.

I have dedicated my career to getting to know the ins and outs of social media, particularly Instagram.

I am always staying up to date with the algorithm, following the trends closely, watching for new features, and trying new things to see what works… and what doesn’t… both for my own business and our client’s.

I would love to share my knowledge with you, collaborate with you, inspire you, and support you, in any way that I can.

Whether you are looking for tangible steps to optimize your social media feed, or you are looking to develop an overall strategy that is in line with you, your business, and your goals, I am here to help.

Let me join you on your journey towards building a business that STANDS OUT online.

Contact us to book a coaching session with both Jessica and Joanna together.