End Goal = Platforms

You can’t do it all. Let’s repeat that one… you can’t do it all.

You really shouldn’t be trying to tackle all of the biggest platforms in order to grow your business… most of us shouldn’t.

We at The Water Cooler are on almost all social media platforms to be able to experiment and keep our eye on trends for our clients.

And if you are looking to get into the Influencer game it might not be a bad idea to at least have most and keep them a float while really laser focusing on the couple that are your jam. Brands like to be able to spread their advertising campaigns across many platforms, partially so that they can then share it to their own account. More platforms means more lucrative opportunities.

But I digress…

If you are looking to grow your brand then my advice is to pick your top three to get to your big goal.

In my opinion, everyone should probably have Instagram. Think of Instagram as your portfolio.

If your goal is to teach, then you should add YouTube to your list.

Does your brand have to do with fashion, food or products? Are you wanting to drive traffic to your website? You should probably be on Pinterest.

What about journalism? Or are you providing a service to your local community? You will want to have a Facebook presence so that you can easily be shared to community Facebook groups.

TikTok is an interesting unicorn which can serve many purposes, but if you have a lot of personality it doesn’t matter what your brand is, you should get going making TikToks.

There is so much more to picking platforms to fit your brand than where you personally spend your time. You need to think about what your end goal is and then choose your platform vehicles wisely.

A little food for thought.

Helping brands zero in on the right platforms to build their business and creating a strategy to grow a brand’s community online is our bread and butter. We can work with you on creating this plan and sending your on your way to tackle those platforms, or we can then work with you consistently managing your brand’s social media platforms while you pour your energy into the parts of your business where you need to be. Contact us at info@makeworkcool.com to learn more.