What is the very first thing you do when you go on a website? For me, it’s finding the social media icons, (in my opinion they should always be at the top on the homepage), and diving into the about section. It kills me a little inside when the about section of a website is void of personality and reads as if a generic robot is behind the brand.

Ugh… you came so close to having my business.

Before I want to hire you or buy the thing I really want to get to know you. Now, if it’s a big clothing or furniture brand, then no, I don’t need that human connection. But if I am going to consider your services I NEED that connection. 

For me it’s about trust. If there is a relatable person behind the scenes, if there is a face and a story, then I feel better about spending my money and investing in what you and your team have to offer. 

There’s this dance that needs to happen, between vulnerability and confidence. I want to know you, know what you are talking about and that you will be there, show up and support me, even when we might have to figure some stuff out together. 

But I also want to know a little about you, whether it’s the fact that you are a hardworking mom and started your business on your phone during your late night feeding sessions with your newborn, or you were inspired by a small cafe you visited in Germany after you graduated University. 

Let me in.

I once had a boss that wouldn’t even consider a new hire unless they had their hobbies listed on their resume. That might sound a little nutty, but I get it. And I don’t know about you but after the pandemic and all of those lockdowns I am craving connectivity more than ever. 

You may want to go back to your about and bare your soul a little. Because chances are there are many more people offering what you are offering, but you are the only you there is and that may be the one thing that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Websites are critical to every brand. It is your brand’s hub. We can create the website of your dreams to grow your brand and really stand out. Contact us at for more about our website design services.

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